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Ethical Sourcing


When one sets out to buy diamond jewellery a lot of questions come to mind but as a jewellery company what we question first and foremost is its source. It is general knowledge about Kimberly process but what does it entail?


We simplify it here for you.


Kimberly process is s stringent agreement between participating countries who agree to trade in diamonds that are not involved in financing wars against governments.


Diamonds are previously being sourced by unethical means causing civil wars in some countries mining these diamonds. To prevent civil unrest and violence against these governments, a process was set up known as Kimberly process. It covers 99.8% global trading of diamonds preventing civil wars in war-torn countries. 


Although Kimberly process ensures "Conflict Free" diamonds it does not ensure diamonds sourced via human right violation and environmental violations.


To know more about Kimberly Process please click the following link:


Complete "conflict-free" diamonds are difficult to source; however, some countries do ethical mining like Canada, Botswana and source them under strict human rights and environmental laws.


We at 5ine Jewels believe diamonds to be a source of happiness for all those involved in creating beautiful pieces of art and also for the wearer of the art pieces and thus we do not trade or source our diamonds without the well-known Kimberly process and beyond that; creating conflict-free diamond jewellery.


At 5ine Jewels we also source our gold mined under similar ethical conditions ensuring human rights are not violated while mining the gold. 


For more information on our sourcing of materials please do not hesitate to contact us.