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Ethical Sourcing

Conflict-Free Diamonds - Our Guarantee

At 5ine Jewels, we understand that our customers care where their diamonds come from and we share that concern with you. Every diamond we sell is certified conflict-free, assuring you that our inventory was procured through legal sources. In compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and various United Nations resolutions, the diamonds we sell have been obtained using legitimate means. Further, our internal guidelines exceed government requirements: we have binding contracts with our suppliers which guarantee that the diamonds they offer to us for sale are conflict-free. We do not purchase polished diamonds from sources which are not members of the professional diamond trade.


Blood Diamonds - Financing Death and Environmental Destruction

Conflict-free diamonds are those gems which were not obtained in association with human rights abuses, child labor, violence, or environmental degradation. Although the United Nation’s Kimberley Process only covers diamonds under the control of legitimate and recognized governments, conflict-free goes one step further by rejecting diamonds from governments that trade in diamonds to bankroll their conflicts. Throughout the 1990s, most of the world's diamonds came from Africa, particularly regions undergoing civil unrest. Rebel armies in parts of Africa were exploiting alluvial diamond fields to fund their wars against established governments, putting people and the environment in the middle of their conflicts. Alluvial diamonds are found just inches to a few feet below the surface, making them easier to mine, but having an adverse impact on the environment. The people working these fields were often very young and subject to exploitation, with some losing their lives or becoming permanently maimed as wars raged around them. Hence, the term blood diamonds came into being to describe these types of gems.


Conflict Diamonds Today

Today, the sale of conflict diamonds has been reduced significantly. This is because of initiatives such as the Kimberley Process and because of increased pressure from consumers, the media and social enterprises, for diamond organisations to be more transparent in their sourcing. At 5ine Jewels, our commitment to the highest ethical standards continues to affect how and from where we source our diamonds. Because of the reported human rights abuses in Zimbabwe's diamond region, 5ine Jewels does not and will not purchase or offer diamonds from that region (or any other region where human rights are violated now or in the future). As a responsible member of the diamond and jewellery industry, we are working with our suppliers to ensure our consumers receive only the finest goods procured from ethical sources.


Responsible Mining

Across all our operations, 5ine Jewels observes the highest ethical standards. We insist our jewellery business partners and suppliers of precious metals do the same. At 5ine Jewels we work to ensure that our gold and other precious metals are sourced from suppliers that meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criteria. We regularly review our precious metals suppliers, considering their ethical standards as a key metric in our relationship with them.