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Lifetime Warranty


Rings are a symbol of commitment, just like our products we, 5ine Jewels provide you with the same commitment to keeping these symbols of love protected from any manufacturer’s defect. It also includes any defect in our design or craftsmanship. This helps us keep your jewellery protected and in pristine condition.


Please note if you find any manufacturing defect, it will need to be checked. Once checked and confirmed that the damage is due to manufacturer’s defect, we will repair and if deemed necessary replace it. Should we not find the same product for replacement, we will endeavour to find similar/like a product for you, failing which you will be refunded your original amount of purchase made.


Conditions for fulfilling this warranty:


Warranty will be void if your jewellery is not checked by us every 6 months for cleaning and inspecting any damage. This will be done at no extra cost except for shipping charges to 5ine Jewels.


When you send any of 5ine Jewels products for inspection and/or cleaning, please provide your original invoice or receipt without which, the warranty will be void.


Above service will be provided to the original purchaser of the item with the invoice.


Also if any 5ine jewels product is cleaned, repaired, resized or handled by anyone other than ourselves, your manufacturer’s warranty will be void.




Jewellery is subject to normal wear and tear especially rings as our hands are mostly used for the majority of work being done.


Our Warranty does not cover damage caused by trauma, wear and tear, chipping or discolouration of metals by chemicals, swimming, hot tubs or make-up. It also does not cover the loss of diamond/s caused by bent, caught or worn out prong/s.


Any theft, accidental/intentional damage is also not covered.


Damage or loss secondary to failure in obtaining necessary repairs in time to maintain the integrity of your jewellery will also void our Warranty.




We provide services for resizing and repairs outside our Warranty at a certain cost sometimes.


Please note for resizing there are certain criteria as below:


Resizing can be done only upto 2 - 3 sizes up or down.


Likewise, solitaire rings can only be resized up to 3 sizes free of charge. Anything more than 3 sizes, will incur a certain cost.


Certain ring designs due to their delicate workmanship; can be resized 2 to 3 times, not more

Rings with side stones can be resized but only after inspection by our workshop as it may not be possible due to their design work.


Rings with engraving will incur additional charges as the engraving may fade. If you re-request engraving charges of GBP 4.00 per character will apply


We provide one free Resizing until 30 days from the date of the item delivered. After 30 days there will be an additional cost of £35 for resizing.


Also once resized, it will become non-refundable and non-returnable.


If you any further queries or any other questions related to repair/defect/resizing please contact us on