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As part of our commitment to helping our customers get proper insurance

for the diamond jewellery that they purchase from us, we include free Appraisal Reports for all our products.

What Is A Appraisal Report?

Appraisal Reports allow you to ensure your items of jewellery at the full replacement price for the high street. This is not necessarily the same amount as the price paid due to the potential cost of replacement, and the fact that we have various sales offers throughout the year.


Accurate Replacement Value

Our Appraisal Reports mean that your insurance company has an accurate replacement value, should your jewellery get damaged, lost or stolen.


Our Appraisal Reports

The appraisal is done by one of our qualified diamond & jewellery grader. Appraisal Reports include

all the specifics of the piece of jewellery, including diamond colour and clarity. The Appraisal Report

will also have a picture, showing the design of the jewellery.


Used For Proving Authenticity

Our Appraisal Reports are very useful as a means of proving the authenticity of a piece of jewellery,

in conjunction with a certificate. Our Appraisal Reports and certificates provide you with complete peace

of mind, leaving you feeling 100% secure about your purchases.