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We recommend PayPal Credit as finance option for the purchase of your diamond jewellery. 0% finance is available on jewellery above £150.00, payable by 4 equal monthly instalments. PayPal Credit also offers 17.9% interest rate credit, on the amount outstanding after 4 months.


How does this work?



What Is The Cost Of The Loan?


The cost of the loan will vary depending upon the repayment duration of the principal amount.


Important Notes

When you apply for an account in PayPal Credit, your credit report is reviewed especially if you also ask for an increase of credit line. Usually, you will receive updates, but this will not affect your credit score. However, your account is always reviewed quarterly.

A way to return the purchased item

You must contact us directly if you want to return your purchased item because PayPal Credit is not capable of accepting returned items. We will issue you refund as per our return policy.

The Benefits of Buying Jewellery with Finance

- Buy the jewellery you want with just 4 monthly payments.

- Choose flexible repayment periods, available at 17.9% interest rate.

- Invest in more expensive jewellery now but with low monthly payments.

- One stop shopping, no need to go to the bank to secure a loan.

- Keep cash for day-to-day expenses.

- Fixed payments allowing you to budget effectively.


Legal Disclaimer

5ine Jewels is not a licensed agent of PayPal Credit, and nor does it sell finance.