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Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are back in trend!


Having 58 facets and 4 cropped corners, Asscher diamond cut has been fascinated by many on the earth. People are selecting Asscher cut diamond engagement rings as a unique choice for their engagement. To know more, read this blog. 

Love florals? Floral wedding rings, dress, cake & more!


Right from wedding ring to wedding outfit and from hall décor to centerpieces, flowers can be brought in to all of these for an amazing wedding setup. In this blog, you will read about various tips on how you can bring in the floral theme in the best way possible.

What shape diamond ring to pick for your partner?


From a variety of diamond cuts available, which would you select for your lady? Well, this also depends on your woman’s personality along with that diamond’s carat, cut and clarity. Read this blog to know what each diamond cut says so that you can choose the perfect engagement ring.

‘Tis the season to buy your engagement ring!


Engagement is one of the most memorable affairs of your life and it asks to make a commitment for your partner for the lifetime. If you buy your engagement ring at right time, you could save a lot and find the best designs of all time. Read this blog to know more.

3 best reasons to buy spectacular sapphire engagement rings


Sapphire engagement rings have been fascinated over the centuries. It is mysterious, magical and powerful. Buy classic engagement rings embellished with sapphires.

Let your engagement ring shine forever, this way!


Your diamond engagement ring must have cost you a lot of bucks- maybe your entire month’s salary! For this, you need to take care of it in order to keep it safe and maintain its shimmer. Have a look at these few tips which would help you preserve its beauty and luster, forever.

6 things to keep in mind while buying engagement rings online


Engagement rings are very precious and need careful attention while buying. Especially when you choose buying an engagement ring online, you need to make sure that some parameters are kept in mind. This blog tells you about some great tips to help you buying them online.

4 points to consider before you decide your engagement ring budget


“How much should I spend after my engagement ring?”- This has always remained the utmost concern for anyone as an engagement ring is too precious. This blog clears some of your misconceptions and ultimately, helps you with buying the value-for-money engagement ring.

Marquise engagement rings- as unique as your partner


Of all shapes and cuts of diamond, Marquise is special. Due to its unique and rare design, Marquise engagement rings are most-loved by people across the world. If you want to know how this type of diamond engagement ring has come to existence, read this blog.

Get your engagement ring ready. This Christmas is time to propose!


Christmas is the best period to exchange engagement rings. No other period can be as perfect as this to propose your loved one. Celebrations, fun, gatherings and a lot more- this is the time that perfectly suits proposal. Here are some more reasons of why you should choose this period to propose. 

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