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Jewellery Care

Most jewellery can be cleaned at home but sometimes, a delicate item might require specialist cleaning to avoid damage & keep your jewellery looking as good as the day you bought.


We provide free Cleaning, Polishing & Repair services (below conditions applies)


Will there be any charge for the repair work?

Provided there is no sign that the item has been accidentally damaged by you in some way, almost all repair work will be free of charge. If you have damaged the ring we will still repair it but there may be charges involved. These will be explained to you before any work is carried out and charges are very minimal in most cases. If a stone has become loose in the setting this will be rectified completely free of charge, provided there is no sign that you have damaged the ring.


How long will it take?

Usually we can rectify any problems within 5-7 working days but this does vary depending on the individual item and repair work that is involved.


Where do I send it back to?

Please return your item insured to – GAPH Ltd, 133 Carpenders Avenue, Watford, Hertfordshire WD19 5BN.


Do I need to return any paperwork with it?

Please send warranty card & the below form along with the product. Do not send in your valuation document or other certifications with the item. Please just ensure the item is secure in its original box if possible.


Is there a charge for cleaning / polishing?

A free clean and polish is complimentary on the first occasion you return your ring to us. There will be a small charge of £20 thereafter.