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Privacy Policy

When using any website, the user always has few questions at the back of their mind – is the site trustworthy and if and when personal information will be misused or not.


We have set our privacy policy as such to allay any fears regarding personal information and its use. Please read through our policy and for any further questions or doubts please contact us to clarify.


When do we collect your data:


Only upon purchase of a product, we collect personally identifiable information from you.


Non-personal information is collected indirectly via cookies, web technologies and IP address when using our website from anywhere.


What do we collect as data:


Personally identifiable data such as - Full name, Home address, Email address, Credit/debit card information, Phone number, Proof of address, Passport & Driving license.


Non-personal data such as IP address, Preferences, Interests etc


Why we collect your data:


Personally, identifiable information is collected to process your chosen product and deliver it to you. Once a purchase is made your contact information is used to send a confirmation email and/or further updates of processing your order. Your billing or home address is used to send an invoice or product and credit/debit card information is used for processing your payment. Your passport, driving license or proof of address will be used for verification, should you choose to collect your product from us.


We may also use your data to send you offers or promotional products and/or for feedbacks and for internal records.


How we collect your data:


Personally, identifiable information is collected by your permission when you submit it on our website at the time of purchase of a product.


Non- personal data is collected through different cookies and web technologies that monitor information regarding how long the site was visited, which pages visited, from where our site was visited, what search engine was used, which links or keywords, preferences or interests if any.




Once you submit your personally identifiable information to us, you consent us to share it with third parties if a need arises by law, regulation or any other legal process. This is for security and fraud prevention purposes.


We at 5ine Jewels do not use any personally identifiable information for selling, trading or rent purposes.


Any data regarding credit/debit card is collected securely as our website has developed certain safeguards to prevent any leaks or misuse of this information. Our Payment card processing provider is SagePay and/or Barclaycard, which do not retain, share or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purposes other than order fulfilment and fraud checks. Any sensitive data (credit/debit card information) sharing if done is done via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


Please note we do not retain any credit/debit card details.


Sharing information:


We may share your personally identifiable information to third parties where a need arises. We will only provide minimal personal information that is required by these certain third parties like shipping companies for product shipment, finance companies to provide finance options, other jewellers, affiliates and other relevant parties for processing your product order.


We will collect and use your personally identifiable information or any other relevant information where is necessary to comply with laws, legal processes and other fraud prevention/risk reduction measures. We will also use such data to share to relevant law and order organizations/legal organizations in order to investigate or prevent any illegal activities, threats to safety or breach of security.


Non-personal data will be shared with third-party websites or data analytics for improvement of our website and make it user-friendly. It will also help in making customized changes to our website for your individual preference use.




We at 5ine Jewels also maintain confidentiality regarding products sold to our customers. Our existing customers will not have their confidentiality breached about products purchased if we are approached by their friends’/relatives; unless specified or permitted by our customers.


We also provide an option to keep suspicious partners at bay (to avoid spoiling surprises) by setting up a telephone password if need be, without which no information about the product purchased will be disclosed. However, we will send you a confirmation email about the purchase on your email address. If you would like a text message instead of email confirmation, please specify this to us.


NOTE: Third party links provided on our website are not under our control and hence their privacy policy may differ from ours. Please read their privacy policy before proceeding to provide any information about yourself.




By using our website you automatically agree to our (5ine Jewels) privacy policy. This policy may be changed periodically so we request you to review it before proceeding to provide any personal information for security and protection.


We will update or correct any changes regarding address or contact information that you provide us for future.


Restricting data:


You can restrict your personal and non-personal data by following certain measures.


1 - By unclicking box for future promotional offers/product information.


2 - Blocking/declining cookies. Our website automatically accepts cookies for better user-friendly performance. Declining or blocking cookies may affect our website performance to individual preferences and overall quality for use. It will also prevent us to improve our website with regards to certain user feedback.


Customer Feedback:


If you have any queries or any valuable feedback to give please contact us on